If your child has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder it is critical that parents and guardians complete the ECFS Seizure Action Plan. The information provided in this plan will provide your divisional nurses with standing orders from your child's physician for both routine care purposes and for managing seizures on campus

This information includes:

When do the nurses need my child's prescription medication?

Prescription medication used for seizure emergencies or during the routine course of the school day should be provided to the divisional nurse's office no later than Friday, September 22, 2023

What should we do if my child has a seizure for the first time mid-year?

Students who have a seizure for the first time during the school year should seek assessment and treatment from your their primary care physician or neurologist. Students may not return to school until your divisional nurse receives a note from your child's primary care physician clearing them to return and a completed Seizure Action Plan. 

Will the school nurse administer Diastat as needed? 

Students who are prescribed Diastat or diazepam will be administered this medication by the school nurse in accordance with their provider's orders. 

Seizure Action Plan (Rv. 5.23.22).pdf