Pre-ordering lunches

Ethical culture & fieldston lower

ECFS and our partners at AVI FoodSystems know how important lunchtime is for our student’s social, emotional and nutritional well being. It is this core belief that helped guide our thinking when developing the dining services reopening plan. We are writing to share some more detailed information about how lunch service will operate on a daily basis, and invite families to review A Guide to Reopening Our School to learn more about our cleaning, disinfection, and healthy hygiene practices.

With limited space to physically distance in our dining halls, students will eat meals in their respective classrooms or, if weather permits, outdoors. Lunch meals will be pre-ordered by families each week through myMealOrder, individually packaged and labeled in disposable containers, and delivered to the students’ classroom.


The myMealOrder system will help facilitate the accurate delivery of meals, protect students with allergies and intolerances, and ensure food waste is minimized. Ethical Culture and Fieldston Lower families should sign up for a myMealOrder account here. A step-by-step guide may be found here.

  1. Click “Create a Free Account”

  2. Select “New York” and “Ethical Culture Fieldston School”

  3. Input the required information (please input parent information, not student information)

  4. On the next page it will ask you to input your child’s Student ID and Last Name

  5. Repeat this for each student attending either Ethical Culture of Fieldston Lower

  6. Once all students have been entered, click “Begin Planning Your Meal” to proceed

Please contact Amy Van Tassell to troubleshoot any signup/login issues or visit the myMealOrder help page.

Ordering Lunches

Ethical Culture and Fieldston Lower families should place a full week’s lunch order one week prior to the scheduled service. Placing orders one week in advance of service will provide our dining team with a more accurate picture of the amount of food required for service, and it will give dining managers ample time to follow up with families who may not have submitted their meals. Families should only submit their meal orders for the days and weeks in which their children are scheduled to be on campus, including orientation days.


After you have registered and added your child to the account, you may click the pencil icon located to the right of the child’s name. This icon will open a window that will allow you to select your child’s allergens and intolerances. While each menu item will display which allergens are included in the dish, setting your specific allergen settings will provide you with a second notification should you select a dish that contains your child’s allergen.

Chefs will continue to develop unique cycle menus in the fall, winter, and spring. The menu will still include a hot entree which includes a protein, starch and vegetable, a vegetarian entree, and an allergen-free Clarity entree. There are also several salad and sandwich options that will be available daily, as well as a specialty salad and sandwich each day of service.

As always, all Allergy Action Plans, dietary preferences, or requests for carbohydrate counts should be directed through the divisional nurse’s office. Please feel free to contact Amy Van Tassell with any additional questions.